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Chat Log: 3D Apophysis Help
Khan71: Okay. so, basically, not everything will 3D out.
bubble, cylindar, and a few others work the best.
if you have a final transform, it will squash the whole thing flat unless you up the zscale.
are we wanting to know what each thing does? Or what?
yes, please
Khan71: Okay. So. From what I've experienced and what Lu-Kout has shown me, the different things go like this (this will be in bald laymans terms, hope that's okay. Bear with a lady here.)
zscale: this is the thingy that makes it go into the 3rd dimension, or the z plane. you have x and y, which are left and right and up and down. z scale intersects that to pop it out. okay?
ztranslate makes it go up and down from the zscale angle
if the item has a pre in front of it, it calculates that part before it 3D's
if the item says post in front, it calculates the formula after it 3Difies.
rotate does just that, rotates around left to right, or up and down, depending on whether it's x or y . I'm not smart enough to have fi
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Hi Everyone!

First I'll start with the obvious, sorry I've been gone for a while again! This semester is kicking my butt so far! Intense amounts of homework are keeping me fairly busy, not too mention all the other events and such of college life...

On a happier note.... Thanks for the DD!!! It made me really happy to see that in my inbox! In place of thanking everyone for the faves and comments individually, I'll just give everyone one big THANK YOU!!

Although I'd like to update more I'm already feeling guilty for taking a break from my java homework to update my journal.. Hopefully things will slow down a bit here soon and I'll be able to get some creative juices flowing again!

Peace Yall!
  • Listening to: Pretty Lights
  • Reading: Java software development
  • Watching: You!!
  • Playing: Java's kinda like a game....
  • Eating: A wish sandwich
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper!


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